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5.0 Reset

xLoGiiKzZo a posted Sep 21, 14
The 5.0 reset is here. To sum it up, you will now have to work hard to get good gear. OP gear will be really hard to get. The economy is balanced, VIPs are balanced, there are jobs, raiding even little bases is profitable.
With new things come new bugs, any sort of exploiting will not be tolerated and will result in a ban without a warning. Please report any bugs that you find. 
You can read the changelog below. It might not be complete as I may have forgotten to list a couple things, if I did, they will be added.

- New Map
- New Spawn
- 1.0 Arena, as requested
- Mob arena added
- Money reset
- Enderchests reset
- Fixed any sort of base glitching
- Glitching on top of the nether has been fixed
- Added mission crates
- Skull splitter and serrated strikes length gets capped at level 1000
- Disarm chance was reduced
- Everyone has /tpa but with a 10 minute cooldown
- Obsidian blows up with 4 TNT
- End is disabled for now (what will happen with it will be decided in a forum thread)

- New Shop (buy/sell almost any item)
- Balanced economy, you have to work for money
- OP Apples are extremely rare and take work to get
- Hoppers are uncraftable, but they are sold in the shop for lots of money
- You make money by doing various jobs around spawn (mining, fishing, etc), making farms, selling items you get from raiding (even small raids are profitable), etc
- Balanced VoteCrates
- Balanced VoteShop item prices

VIP Perks:
- No /tpa cooldown
- Removed /fly
- Removed /spawner
- Increased /enchant cooldown
- /enchant will only apply a cooldown if used with an argument. (Ex: /enchant will not apply a cooldown. /enchant sharpness 5 will apply a cooldown)
- Added mounts (spawn horses, mules, etc). These are really useful for mission crates and getting around since fly has been removed
- Diamond VIP's and up can mine spawners with a Silk Touch Diamond pickaxe and retrieve a "Damaged spawner" which can't be placed but sold at the shop for money
- Balanced kits
- Removed the ability to capture creepers with eggs, they can be bought at the shop instead for lots of money

OP Apples, spawners, and hoppers will not be buyable for the first 1-2 days as we have yet to see if our price calculations are
BreakedDennis So whats up with the hoppers ?
frbro83 Brin back /d I want to be able to stalk/raid without getting caught
creeper2017341 @ DesiredFactions ...

Reset is coming

xLoGiiKzZo a posted Mar 1, 14
DesiredFactions 4.0 will be coming out between March 2nd - March 4th.

What will be reset:
- Map
- Money
- Enderchests

What will be new:
- Map
- A new shop where you will be able to sell certain items
- New voting system (Vote coins, this will bring back buying mcMMO and other rare things)
- PvP Protection timer for new players
- Leaderboards
- "New" Arena (1.0 or 2.0 Arena as it was requested, comment below with what you prefer)
- Ban list cleared, this means that everyone will be unbanned (does not apply to hub/perma bans).

What might be added (These depend on whether enough people want them or not):
- mcMMO Vampirism mode (This means that if somebody kills you, they will gain mcMMO levels and you will lose some)
- Mob Arena
- Expensive withers
crystalbunny565 I've been trying to get on forever now but it won't work so I decided to get help from you, everytime I try to log in it ...
diabloacez umm march 2-4?
david_5407 am i gonna get unbanned?


DesiredFactions a posted Oct 8, 13
Well since 1.7 is still going to take a while and the server is in desperate need of a reset. Would you guys like the reset right now? Economy and mcMMO will NOT be reset, just the map.

EDIT: The reset will happen. Right now there is no more free land and no new players have a chance to start. 1.7 could take 2-4 more months until it comes out, and waiting that long will kill the server.

Once 1.7 comes out, we will add a 1.7 map and give everyone time to move their stuff over.
The reset will happen on Sunday.
MildSky Sounds good
ZombiesAteMyPig So is the reset going to happen or not?


xLoGiiKzZo a posted Aug 2, 13
I have been thinking about moving over the Factions site to the official Why? I feel that Factions gets left out because all other servers EXCEPT Factions are on On top of that, you will be updated more often on whats going on with the server. This will make the community much much better.

Please vote on the poll to the right on what you think about this.
NobleEmerald I like the idea log, but I think the vip players for factions should have different colored names so you can tell if the ...
Holo122 I think that a link to go to should be on the so people can know about the factions ...
crystalbunny565 Can r membership go through? other ys its really annoyin cause we have 2 buy memebership for EACH FRICKEN SERVER! thx 4 ...
i cant join the server it wont let me lol
network issues at the ddos protection
mmm im having some network issues with the server
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